Pump Up Study Skills

11/10/2016 | Leave a Comment

“Test on Friday” can cause anyone’s stomach to drop.  How does your child study?  Does your child think re-reading notes is all they have to do to study?  Are they utilizing the methods that work best for his learning style? Are you worried you have no idea how to help your child to study? Here are some new pumped up ways and some tried and true methods that may help your child with the “s” word:

* have your child make flashcards

* quiz your child

* play a fun game like shot the hoop (each time your child gets a question right they get to shot the basketball)

* have your child highlight their notes

* have your child summarize their notes

* have your child outline the materials that will be on the test

* have your child read their study guide aloud onto a voice memo and replay

* help your child stay organize (throw away the things they do not need)

* have your child make a graphic version of written work such as lists, columns, Venn diagrams, etc.

*have your child practice, re-read and over-learn material

*help your child make the content meaningful to them by creating a funny story, generate a rhyme or find a pattern to link information to their memory

*have your child take breaks and get a good night’s rest

If your child continues to struggle with study skill, give Little Scholars a call.  We have tutors to help in all academic areas including study skills.


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