Confidence Starts with Personalized Tutoring

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We offer tutoring for students in preschool through middle school in subject areas including:


Phonics, Fluency, Comprehension, Sight Words and Phonemic Awareness

Vocabulary Development


Number Sense, Foundations, Algebra, Geometry, Order of Operations and Math Facts


Mechanics, Grammar, Expressive Writing, Creative Writing, Sentence Structure and Spelling

Fine Motor Skills

Pencil Grip, Handwriting, Scissor Skills and Coordination of Small Motor Skills

Core Subjects

Comprehension, Concepts and Vocabulary for Science and Social Studies


Grammar and Sentence Structure

Additional Areas of Specialization

  • Kindergarten and School Readiness
  • Test Prep
  • Study Skills
  • Remediation in all subject areas
  • Cursive and Print Handwriting
  • Gifted Education and Enrichment
  • Organization and Time Management

Sample Curriculums


A multi-sensory approach to reading and writing that stresses the connection between the written word and spoken sounds. Learn more.

Wilson Reading

A highly organized reading remediation program that teaches the structure of the language. Learn more.

Word Study

An alternative to traditional spelling instruction based on learning word patterns rather than memorizing.

A Unique Approach To Tutoring

Through personalized, one-on-one sessions we help children master math, reading, writing, fine motor skills and more. Our individualized approach has proven successful whether your child needs reinforcement or you’re just trying to help him or her get ahead. All of our tutors are current and former teachers with years of classroom experience—many hold Master’s and specialized degrees—and work with children from preschool through elementary school.

  • First, we determine how your child learns best so we can create lessons to meet your child’s specific needs.
  • Next, based on personality and learning style, we pair your child with a tutor who can provide the exact support he or she needs.
  • If desired, we work with your child’s classroom teacher(s) to reinforce classroom learning.
  • We provide benchmarks and a plan of action to detail areas we will be focusing on with your child.
  • We constantly analyze our approach and gather feedback from teachers to help your child reach peak educational performance.

We offer easy and flexible scheduling. Plus, our teachers can work with your child in your home or at school! Contact us to learn more about our customized tutoring sessions.