Backyard Programs Options and Descriptions

Activities will vary depending on children’s ages and ability.

PK ProgramsK-5 Programs6th- 8th Grade ProgramsAcademic Programs
Alphabet ArtAmazing AdventuresBackyard GamesBookworm
Art SafariArt FactoryBulls and BearsBook Club
Backyard GamesBackyard GamesComic CreationsHandwriting Helpers
Cars, Trucks, and Wheel-y ThingsBrick BonanzaCreative JournalingMath Munch
Creative BuildersBuildersFitness FreaksMath Facts
Dino DiscoveryChampions Soccer ClubFuture-PreneursNewspaper
Enchanted AdventuresCoding Without ComputersKids on the RunNumber Crunchers
Head, Shoulders, Knees & ToesComic CreationsMindful FitnessWrite Words
Infinity and BeyondCreative JournalingPay It Forward 
Jumping BeansDesign the RunwayTalking Heads 
Little YogisDino DiscoveryThink Tank 
Mermaids & PiratesEnchanted EngineeringWhiz Kids 
Mini Med SchoolFitness FreaksWonders of Ancient Art 
Princesses & SuperherosFrisbee Fanatics  
Rockets, Planes & Flying ThingsKids on the Run  
Rock-n-Roll ClubMystical Creature Adventures  
Scientists in TrainingMindful Fitness Club  
S’more than CampingOut of this World Mania  
Snack TalesPay it Forward Workshop  
Wild, Wild WestRockets, Planes, & Flying Things  
World TravelersSuper Sleuths  
 Tastes Around the World  
 Think Outside the Box  
 Whiz Kids  
 Wild, Wild West  
 Wonders of Ancient Art  
 World of Wizards  
 World Travelers  
 60 Seconds of STEAM  

Don’t see what you are looking for? We have over 100 unique programs to suit anyone’s interest!

Now I know my ABCs, won’t you come and play with me? Make the alphabet come to life through a wide variety of arts and crafts activities. 

Amazing Adventures

Attention All Amazing Kids! Not only will you have an amazing time, but you will sharpen your reasoning skills, increase processing speed, and broaden your creative mind. 

Art Factory

Our D-I-Y class is for all you artsy-craftsy kids who love to express yourselves with one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Find your inner artist and keep your creativity sharp as we design mementos to be treasured.

Art Safari

We are going to take a safari around the world!  Visit a new country each class and learn about animals native to that location with a sprinkle of literature, dabble of games, and a whole lot of art.

Backyard Games

Get outside and PLAY!  Come out and have some good ol’ backyard fun with old school games. 

Book Club

Do you love to read?  We have the club just for you!  We will read, discuss and bring stories to life with discussions, arts and crafts, and activities. 2ND grade-MS


Wiggle, fly, hop and scoot into a lifetime love of reading.  Establish a solid foundation of reading success with bundles of activities to expose your beginning reader to letter-sounds relationships, comprehension strategies, and introduction to high frequency words through a host of activities to get you moving in the right direction.

Brick Bonanza

Brick builders will explore the world of interlocking bricks through design challenges, fun and games. 


Calling all inventors, builders, and designers; come and build some awesome creations with us! We will create our own designs and make structures using Legos, recyclable materials, and many other interesting items.

Bulls and Bears

Show me the money as you follow the crazy world of stocks.  Dip into the bull market with an idea for a new company to boot!

Cars, Trucks, and Wheel-y Things

Hop on in and take a spin with us as we explore the world of transportation.  Let us mesmerize you with things that go round and round through art, stories and hot rod adventures.  Beep, beep!

Champions Soccer Club

Join us for the most popular sport in the world! Champion Soccer Club focuses on developing your soccer skills through individual drills, fitness and sportsmanship while providing an opportunity for scrimmages and team interaction. Don’t miss out on your chance to shoot and SCORE!

Coding without Computers

Curious about the world of coding, but your parents want your screen time limited?  We have just the answer!  Learn the basic skills of coding by dabbling in binary language, discovering the importance of if/then statements, and the backbones for SCRATCH coding all through screen free games and art. 

Comic Creations

Do you have a knack for drawing? Do you like to write? We have the class for you! Come join us as we explore the world of comics.

Creative Builders

Calling all inventors, builders, and designers; come and build some awesome creations with us! We will create our own designs and make structures using Legos, recyclable materials, and many other interesting items.  

Creative Journaling

Join the craze of journaling, calligraphy and hand lettering. Our camp will spark your creative writing juice and ignite your inner artist!

Design the Runway

Design your very own fashion line with us!  Budding designers will create one of a kind pieces and participate in several design challenges too.  Come Design your own runway with us!

Dino Discovery

Do you know which dinosaur was nicknamed “long neck?” Do you know which dinosaur had the biggest head? Join us for a colossal journey into the world of dinosaurs. You will have a swamp stomping good time!

Enchanted Adventures

Sprinkle some pixie dust and jump on your unicorn, we are heading into the Enchanted Forest!  Adventure seekers will spark their creativity as they learn about the secret of all things whimsical. Let your imagination run wild!

Enchanted Engineering

Once upon a time our favorite story book characters found themselves in sticky situations and we can help!  Through STEAM and Engineering principals, we will build a house to save the three little pigs, design pulleys and levers to help Rapunzel and much more! In this hands-on class, children will discover how they save the world and create their very own enchanted ending.

Fitness Freaks

This is not your typical sports class…this is FITNESS FREAKS.  Experience new sports, teach your friends a cool new game, learn a few new tricks, and have fun! 

Frisbee Fanatics

What do you get when you mix football, soccer, and basketball?  ULITMATE FRISBEE! Learn the ins and outs of this high energy and non-contact sport that is one of the fastest growing sports in the US.  Ultimate players will learn the basics of disc throwing and overview of the self-officiating focus of the game through fun games and competitive matches.


Are you a natural born leader?  Do you want to experience the thrills of creating a ‘company’?  Don’t miss out on this camp where you will create a product.

Handwriting Helpers

Who says handwriting can’t be fun?  Dabble in not only paper and pencil games, but work on all the muscles that make your handwriting unique. 

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Get your body moving with active songs, processed art, and learning games all designed to strengthen the core muscles and motor planning skills used for fine motor skills.

Infinity and Beyond

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 blast off to a galaxy far, far away to learn about Earth and the amazing solar system. 

Jumping Beans

Hop, Run and Skip to Jumping Beans!  S-T-R-E-T-C-H your muscles and get your wiggles out all while developing gross motor and fine motor skills.

Kids on the Run

Run, run, run as fast as you can for a camp full of fitness and fun!  Don’t let the name fool you, we will not just be running; we will play games, have team competitions and a whirlwind of fun!

Little Yogis

What do a frog, dog and turtle have in common?  YOGA!  Yogis will learn yoga poses, yoga flows, breathing techniques and mindfulness practices in fun interactive ways. Our theme based approach incorporates stories, songs, group activities and games.  Namaste! 

Math Facts

A solid understanding of math facts is one of the biggest keys to success and confidence in math.  Learn how to quickly tackle math facts and have a little fun along the way with games and take away strategies. GRADE LEVEL SPECIFIC.

Math Munch

Math Munch is for all budding mathematicians!  Children are immersed in rich and multi-sensory activities using manipulatives and hands-on activities to build their math skill set.

Mermaids & Pirates

Ahoy, Mateys…let’s set sail on an adventure into the world of mermaids and pirates. Treasure hunts, music, arts, and mystical ocean discoveries await our pirates and mermaids. Don’t tell the pirates!

Mindful Fitness Club

Need a little mindful exercise in your life?  Well…join us for a camp full of fitness, fun and mindfulness!  We will play games, have spirited challenges and participate in activities to create a mindful state.

Mini Med School

Is there a doctor around?  Our little doctors will use stuffed animal patients to learning about what doctors, dentists, EMTs and other medical professionals do on a daily basis.

Mystical Creature Adventures

Lock Ness Monster, Big Foot, Greek Gods and mystical creatures…did we get your attention?  We are going to fill your days with discoveries about these legendary creatures. This is one amazing adventure you will not want to miss! 


Ladies and Gentlemen! Get it hot off the press! The newspaper needs your help! Students will create authentic newspaper stories as they are transformed into reporters and editors.

Number Crunchers

Have you ever been in a mental math game?  Do you like to roll the dice?  Do you have the edge to tackle mathematical concepts?  Join us as we explore math in an all new way!

Out of this World

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 blast off to a galaxy far, far away to learn about Earth and the amazing solar system. 

Pay it Forward Workshop

This is a unique opportunity for your child to learn how to impact the world around them. Our leaders will learn about public speaking, civic involvement and community outreach opportunities with an engaging curriculum to channel their desire to have a positive impact on the world around them.

Princesses and Superheroes

Do you have what it takes to save the world?  Do you have the sparkle to rule the world?  Train to be the superhero or princess you were meant to be!

Rockets, Planes, and Flying Things

Watch it soar, see it glide and come take a ride with rockets, planes and flying things! Our adventures will sharpen your imagination, kick start your motor skills and ignite a passion for flying!

Rock-n-Roll Club

We are looking for the next rock and roll star!  We will jam out with handmade instruments, learn hip songs and dance the camp away.  

Scientists in Training

Take a dash of engineering and a sprinkle of earth science, toss it together with some fun and games, and you have this STEAM-based camp.

S’more than Camping

We are going on a camping adventure so grab your sleeping bags and flashlight and join us around the camp fire!  Let’s tell our favorite camping stories, go on a scavenger hunt or two and make some cool camping crafts.  You will have s’much fun!

Snack Tales

Nibble your way through this hands on camp inspired by our favorite stories and FOOD. We take a sprinkle of snacks, pinch of stories, a dash of fun and mix it all together for Snack Tales! Parents will be required to provide the food for their child.  

Super Sleuths

Get out your magnifying glasses and detective hat as we have clues to decipher and crimes to solve. We’ll put our critical thinking skills and STEM knowledge to the test and get to the bottom of mysteries by learning the tricks real investigators use to solve cases.

Talking Heads

Cat got your tongue?! Through a cool combination of comedy improv, witty interviews, debate challenges and amusing games you will gain the confidence to tackle the fear of public speaking. 

Tastes Around the World

Explore the tastes of the world by visiting a new country each lesson while mixing and creating tasty treats. SUPPLY FEE!

Think Outside the Box/ Think Tank

Are you an inventor? Have a flair for creative ideas? Join our think tank! We are going to build, invent, participate in thinking games that may crack your brain, and play minute to win it games to get your mind and muscles moving.

Whiz Kids

Join us on a science discovery mission! We will explore the world of chemistry, engineering, and earth science through experiments and encounters.

Wild, Wild West

Giddy up and gallop on over to the wild, wild west!  Gather around the campfire as we tell stories, play games and participate in wild, wild activities! Yee Haw!

Wonders of Ancient Art

Take a journey back in time to the mysterious world of Egyptian Pyramids, Greek Gods, and the Roman Empire.  The wonders of this camp will lead you on an exploration you will not forget.

World of Wizards

Calling all wizard fans!  This is like no other camp you have ever experienced that will astound all Muggles.

World Travelers

Grab your passport because we are going to take a journey around the world! Visit a new country each lesson through literature, games, art activities, geography and history. Discover the thrills of travel without leaving your backyard!

Write Words

Test your linguistic prowess and get your creative writing juices flowing in Writer Word.  We will entertain each other vocabulary development, creative writing challenges, and written creations.

60 Seconds of STEAM

Are games of skill and competitions your jam?  Do you like solving STEAM challenges? Grab your friends and hustle to win!  This unique STEAM based class will dive into fun challenges around force, motion, energy, sound waves and other scientific concepts through Minute to Win It based games.