Five Strategies To Inspire A Weary Reader


Recently, my sweet middle child announced his dislike of reading.  It really wasn’t a surprise to me.  Reading is not his strength.  He has always struggled with comprehension, vocabulary and fluency.  I was faced with the challenge of having to show him how to be a better reader when I know I am going to face resistance.  I have been working on instilling some of my reading strategies from back in my teaching days with him.  Here are FIVE strategies I used to … Continue reading

Little Scholars Favorite Educational Apps!


Whether your child needs to review math facts, prepare for a spelling test, build their reading comprehension skills, or learn a new language….here are some of our favorites app:  Monster Math takes elementary and middle school students on a customized journey to practice addition, subtraction and multiplication facts. Math Bingo Who doesn’t love BINGO?!  This BINGO game has varying degrees of difficulty for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Word Connect is an addicting puzzle game to practice spelling and vocabulary. Reading Comprehension Need … Continue reading

How to help your child deal with test anxiety


My happy go luck son who doesn’t have a fear in the world is crippled by the word test.  He can stand on the three point line for the game winning basket and not break a sweat, but seeing the word English test pop up on his agenda it is a totally different ball game. He reviews his material nightly, he studies and we discuss what is going to be on the test, but when he walks in the classroom … Continue reading

‘Twas The First Day of School


Twas the morning of the first day of school, when all through the halls not a creature was stirring not even the baseballs. The chairs were snug by each desk with care, in hopes that the school buses soon would be there. The children were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of homework danced in their heads; And the teachers were smiling and laughing with thoughts of sweet faces on their way, when the children had suddenly just … Continue reading

Ready, Set, Go to Kindergarten


This summer we have had a flurry of parents calling to ask us, “Is my child ready for Kindergarten?”  The real question should be, “Is my child ready for school?” Kindergarten is the first BIG step for many children into formal education.  Kindergarten is chalked full of many social expectations, but add to that reading, math, handwriting and content area subjects.  You need to ensure your child has a solid foundation to build all these new skills.  It is important as … Continue reading

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