5 Tips for Helping your Child Complete School Work at Home


1.  Set up a schoolwork-friendly area.

 Make sure kids have a well-lit, quiet, comfortable place to complete homework. Keep supplies – paper, pencils, glue, scissors – within reach.

2. Set a regular schedule and expectations.   Children cannot realistically sit and work for 6 hours straight.  Set expectations for how much time your child should spend working each day depending on their age and grade.  Set a regular start and end time with scheduled breaks throughout.  Those breaks should combine snack times, physical activity, or something the child considers fun.

3.  Make a plan and discuss what your children need to be working on.  Different aged children need different types of instructions on how and what to work on.  For instance, with a K-3rd grader, you want to go over each and every activity they are going to complete.  You will need to read through some questions and discuss some samples before setting them off to work on their own.  4th graders and above may be able to work more independently, but you will still want to check in and make sure they have access to all assignments and lay out how much time they are planning to spend on each.

4. Deal with questions and school work struggles.  It is not realistic that all parents are available and able to deal with each question their child has about school work.  Make a plan ahead of time whether it is to put questions aside until a set time when you can help or have older students make a list of questions that they can email to teachers.  This will give children more of a feeling of a control when something is difficult and allow them to move on to the next assignment.

5.  Check in and follow up.  After your child has completed their school work, check in and see what they have completed.  Refer to the plan you made with your child to see if they accomplished what was expected that day.  Check the work of younger students to ensure understanding.  Ask your child how they feel about their school work. Praise and support your child for the work they have done each day.

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