Back to School!


It really is my favorite time of the year!  I love all the shiny new school supplies and the overall excitement that is amidst us!  There is only one little thing that keeps me in check and that is the exhaustion level of my children.

I am sure you can picture this…your sweet little child hops in the car (or off the bus) and the moment you pull away (or he leaves his bus spot), they change into this child you are pretty sure does not belong to you.  Nothing is right, there is nothing that could possible soothe him and he is STARVING!!! What happened to him at school?  Well, that sweet little child held all of his emotions in check all day at school and now you get to be victim to all of them…yes, all of them!  Guess what? Then you get to tell him it is time for homework, a quick snack, off to practice, home, another snack, shower, read and bed…did I get it right?

I had a parent ask me the other day, how do parents get it all done?  Here was my answer to her:  “I can only speak from my experience with three children and what works best for our family. I only let the boys do one sport/afterschool activity (they always choose a sport and it is torture to only choose one!).  I believe the rest of the time is spent on education and free play. I am committed to making sure I am building a strong educational foundation because it is critical when they are young (90% of learning occurs between birth and age six). ”

I think we often lose focus sometimes about what is really important for our children.  It is essential we provide they downtime for free play. It is critical we provide them an environment where they can have success in education as well.

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