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Tutoring 101

11/06/2017 | 1 Comment

It is that time of year when you may be wondering…does my child need a tutor?  Here are some signs your child may need assistance outside of the classroom: Preschool (four and half years old to Kindergarten) has difficulty grasping a small writing instrument to make controlled movements can’t recognize the letters in their name does not speak in complete sentences has another diagnosed developmental delay demonstrating problems with number concepts Grades K-12 difficulty forming letters when writing in print … Continue reading

Why Your Child NEEDS a Tutor

01/18/2017 | 1 Comment

A parent recently told me he would have never made it through school without his tutor. He was not a poor student by any means; he actually graduated near the top of his class from a very prestigious private school in Richmond, Virginia and went on to a top-notch college. When I asked him why his tutor was essential to his education, he said “she knew how I learned and was able to teach me to see things in a different … Continue reading

What to do with a Bad Grade?

03/03/2016 | Comments Off on What to do with a Bad Grade?

Your third-grader brings home a reading test for you to sign, and your heart sinks when you see the red F at the top of the paper (did the teacher really need to use red?), and “how did you study for this test?” underlined with big, bold letters. Your child is crushed as he shows you the paper. Your first thought is to reassure him, but you are asking yourself a million questions….What’s going on here?  Is the work really too … Continue reading


06/08/2015 | Comments Off on Summer Learning Loss…THE FACTS AND SUGGESTIONS!

Believe it or not, summer is here!  This is the time of year we all look forward to some unstructured, downtime with thoughts of school a million miles away.  As you think about the plans to take a break, studies show that this is not a good idea to give up on learning altogether. Here are the staggering facts about summer learning loss: Students can lose up to 15% of their academic ability over the summer if they don’t read, … Continue reading

It’s time to hit the ground running!

01/10/2011 | Comments Off on It’s time to hit the ground running!

I am sure some of you are taking the first few days of 2011 literally running!  I wish I could say I was in that group.  I really loved running, but I have come to the conclusion unless I am on the soccer field running for the goal or being chased by a large bear I am not going to run anymore.  I will stick to spin class, the elliptical or stair climber. I am going to hit the ground … Continue reading

101 Ways to tell your kids GOOD JOB

06/27/2010 | Comments Off on 101 Ways to tell your kids GOOD JOB

Praising your child is one of the most important things you can do for them.  It gives them the self-confidence they need to succeed !  Here is a list of just a few of our favorites: That’s Incredible! How Extraordinary! You’re Very Talented! Outstanding Performance! Far Out! Great! Very Brave! Marvelous! I Can’t Get Over It! Wonderful! You Figured It Out! You Should Be Proud! Amazing Effort! Unbelievable Work! You’re the Greatest! Phenomenal! You’ve Got It! Superb! How Original! You’re … Continue reading

Twas the First Day of School

12/14/2009 | 3 Comments

Twas the morning of the first day of school, when all through the halls not a creature was stirring not even the baseballs. The chairs were snug by each desk with care, in hopes that the school buses soon would be there. The children were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of homework danced in their heads; And the teachers were smiling and laughing with thoughts of sweet faces on their way, when the children had suddenly just … Continue reading

Where did all of her confidence go?

10/26/2009 | Comments Off on Where did all of her confidence go?

Just recently I was working with a student who has been struggling in math.  She understands the concepts and process of math.  To her credit, she actually has a good solid foundation in math except for one little thing…she never memorized her subtraction math facts so she relies on her fingers when subtracting.    She is so embarrassed to use her fingers as her calculator she hides her hands under the table so no one else can see her.  In turn … Continue reading