How to help your child deal with test anxiety


My happy go luck son who doesn’t have a fear in the world is crippled by the word test.  He can stand on the three point line for the game winning basket and not break a sweat, but seeing the word English test pop up on his agenda it is a totally different ball game. He reviews his material nightly, he studies and we discuss what is going to be on the test, but when he walks in the classroom for his test all of the information disappears.  He panics which cause the situation to escalate.  It is painful to watch, even harder to parent.  Test anxiety doesn’t just happen to teenagers.  Children including elementary age students can experience test anxiety especially with the increase in standardized tests and assessments.  Here are some helpful hints when helping your child deal with test anxiety:

Discuss your child’s feelings related to testing situations.   

  • Is there a pattern that triggers your child’s anxiety?
  • How does your child feel when he get the test?
  • What does your child do to help nix the fear?
  • Ask your child why he is worried about taking the test?
  • Does your feel worried when he think about a test or only when he sees the test?

Teach your child how to relax during testing situations.  

  • Show your child mindful techniques to deal with their anxiety such as a bike ride around the neighborhood or deep breathing when things get hectic for them.
  • Help your child develop a positive mindset.  Have your child practice and repeat saying phrases aloud like “I am not comfortable taking tests…YET.”
  • Work with your child on visualizing themselves in places where they are happy, calm and confident…remind them to do this before a test.

Talk to the teacher.

  • Share your child’s test taking struggles with the teacher because there may be some alternate solutions for the teacher to be able to offer your child during testing situations.

Teach test-taking basics.

  • Many children do not have experience taking tests.  By giving them the tools to have a successful test taking experience, your child will gain confidence.
  • Read over the entire test before answering questions.
  • Underline the directions and circle words that cause for action on the test directions.
  • Encourage your child to answer the questions they know first.

Just like at Little Scholars BUILD THEIR CONFIDENCE!

  • Find things that build your child’s confidence!  Is your daughter a star on the soccer field?  Does your son love to skateboard?  Involve your child in opportunities to achieve success.

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