It’s time to hit the ground running!


I am sure some of you are taking the first few days of 2011 literally running!  I wish I could say I was in that group.  I really loved running, but I have come to the conclusion unless I am on the soccer field running for the goal or being chased by a large bear I am not going to run anymore.  I will stick to spin class, the elliptical or stair climber.

I am going to hit the ground running this year with my children’s education though.  I got a head start on my daughter over the holidays by working on some skills she was severely lacking.  I am too embarrassed to list all the things we had to address over the holidays.  I am pleased to say that she started back to preschool on Tuesday on a new foot. WHEW!

January is always the month when parents start to make the realization that their child may not be quite up to speed at school.  This is when they begin to question what should they do to address the situation.  Should you let a few more weeks go by and see what happens?  Should you enroll them in an after school program to help?  Should you vow to spend more time working with them each night?  Should you get them a private tutor?

If you are questioning if your child needs a tutor, here are some questions to ask:

1.       Are your child’s grades beginning to slowly drop?

2.       Is your child showing frustration in a particular subject(s)?

3.       Has your child developed low self-esteem and/or thinks negatively of him or herself in regards to their school performance?

4.       Does your child have anxiety towards school?

5.       Does the teacher send notes home asking you to assist the child with his or her homework?

6.       Has the teacher, school or doctor recommended your child have the assistance of a tutor?

7.       Is your child an advanced learner, a gifted student or needs enrichment beyond what the school can provide?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be a good idea to start looking into a private tutor who can support you and your child.

A tutor can give your child the individual attention that he or she needs, they may readily identify what problem areas your child may have more quickly than a teacher–who has to assist 25-30 students each day, some children tend to take instruction easier from someone they do not have emotional ties with and tutors have the education and experience to help a child with their academic work.   We also know how well children respond to one hour of an adults undivided attention too!

Maybe I will see you on my run!

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