Keeping your kids entertained and cool in the Summer Heat


I heard today we had the hottest June in history.  I am the first to admit that I love the hot weather, but I have to tell you the end of June was brutal even for a sun worshiper like me!  As the temperature rises, the kids tend to spend more time inside and boy do they get bored quick!  Sometimes I wonder why I even have toys at my house because what keeps my kids entertained more than anything else is the art boxes in my teacher closets.  These boxes are filled with lots of fun things for open-ended projects.  I have seen large-scale robots, hundreds of paper airplanes, paintings, and collages fill the floor of my basement on many hot days.

I have people ask me all the time, what is in your art boxes? I have the obvious things:  construction paper, glue, markers, broken crayons (much better for little hands), scissors, paints, play-doh, stickers, stamps and pipe cleaners.  Some of my favorite special things are:  hole punchers (especially ones that make a special shape), colored painters tape, toothbrush (great for spraying paint), eye droppers (perfect for little or sometimes big glops of paint), stapler, wiki sticks, paper plates, aluminum foil, yarn (I have been tangled in more than one spider web over the past few years), toothpicks (awesome in play-doh and with making marshmallow buildings), q-tips (best paint brush around), bingo blotters (something about these things kids LOVE), colored glue (add a few drops of food coloring to the glue), push pins to make small holes for letter stencils or dotting the outline of a picture (supervised activity and not for small children) and recyclable materials like empty paper towel rolls, brown bags, bottle tops and magazines.

So if you are looking to soak up a few hours one day this summer, just take out a few of these things and watch your children create!

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