March Madness


It is my favorite time of year!  Okay, I know I sound like Jay Bilas, but March is my favorite month.  AP is turning four, Wade is turning seven and I am turning….well, that is not important.  I get excited about the potential for a snap of warm weather on any given day.  I also like the hustle and bustle of Spring.  Soccer, baseball, ballet, soccer, soccer, baseball, in that order every week until the end of May.  Many of our schools start their spring enrichment programs this month.  Kindergarten registration is coming soon!  Summer planning is in full swing!  My favorite part is getting the opportunity to spend a small fortune to register my children for summer programs and camps.

I have to admit, I USED to be one of those moms who had my kids summer camps planned the first week in February.  I waited and waited for the mailman to deliver the summer camp catalogs.   I circled and highlighted in a different color per child the program that I thought they were interested in.  I honestly think I can say we have been to every summer camp in Richmond for children under the age of eight.  Who knew a child’s interest could change from animals to soccer in two weeks?  Every year we have our favorites…this year will be no different.  However, this year I am letting the kids pick their camps mostly.  Here are the rules:

1.  It has to be in Richmond.

2.  You get to pick three camps.

3.  You must have a good reason for choosing the camp.  A good reason would be “I want to learn how to draw cartoon characters” or “I want to learn how to kick the soccer ball with more force.”  A not so good reason is “all my friends are going.”  

The boys have been reading and circle much like I have done in the past.  Tough choices!  I can’t wait to see what they choose this summer!

If you or your children are looking for summer programs with an educational flair, visit for a full list of our summer offerings. 

We will also be at Peak Experiences for the Richmond Family Summer Camp Expo on March 27th!  Hope to see you there!

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