Parent Teacher Conference Day Questions


Ready, Set, Go… have 20 minutes of undivided attention from your child’s teacher to discuss  academic progress.  After the teacher has shared your child’s work and  assessments,  use this list of questions to  find out even more
about your child’s school experience:

  1.  Is my child is working to the best of his abilities?  This question allows the teacher to share what she sees in the classroom.  You may observe something completely different at home.  My middle son was described by his teacher to a tee…a little impulsive (okay, maybe a lot) and quick to finish his work; however, she also noted he tends to push himself, especially in math.  Who knew?
  2. What is an acceptable amount of time for homework?  We all have heard the guidelines, and to be honest, if it is taking more than two hours for your 3rd grader to finish his homework, PLEASE tell the teacher.  Ask her if there are acceptable modifications.  For example, can he do the odd problems once we hit a certain time, or can he type the spelling sentences on the computer?
  3. What type of learner  is my child?  This is a very helpful and important question.  If you have a visual learner and you are always trying to explain something to him with no visual cues it can cause major conflict and confusion at home.   One student I work with is a very verbal learner and when teaching him concepts I relate it to a story.  I do this because he remembers stories and it helps him when he needs to recall information.
  4. You mentioned he is struggling with addition facts.  How can I help him at home?  Teachers have LOTS of great tricks up their sleeves.  We love to share these with parents.  By the way, Math War is my all-time favorite game for reviewing math facts.
  5. How are you preparing my child to study? Take a test?  This is important because you want to follow through with study skills.  Study skills are historically a difficult concept for everyone, not just children and need to be practiced and reinforced at home.
  6. Do you provide  differentiated lessons and instruction for the variety of learners in the class?  Not every child learns the same.  You want to make sure your child’s learning style is being catered during the school day.  For example, does she follow verbal directions with visual cues, does she use manipulatives to demonstrate mathematic concepts?
  7. What supports do you recommend to help with remediation? Teachers are an excellent source to suggest enhancements your child’s education, like a specific program, tutor, app or computer software. 
  8. What is the most effective way for me to communicate with you?  All my children’s teachers are big e-mailers (whew!).  I like the written documentation of email, but some teachers prefer a phone call.
  9. Who are my child’s friends?  The social part of school is a huge part of your child’s day.  Social circles can play a key role in your child’s happiness.

Asking questions like these at your parent teacher conference will give you better insight into your child’s education.

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