Ready, Set, Go to Kindergarten


This summer we have had a flurry of parents calling to ask us, “Is my child ready for Kindergarten?”  The real question should be, “Is my child ready for school?” Kindergarten is the first BIG step for many children into formal education.  Kindergarten is chalked full of many social expectations, but add to that reading, math, handwriting and content area subjects.  You need to ensure your child has a solid foundation to build all these new skills.  It is important as you think about your child’s school readiness to consider some of these following questions:

  • First and foremost, your child MUST be five years old by September 30th to be eligible for Kindergarten.
  • Can they take care of their personal needs?
  •  How does your child handle their emotions specifically anger?  Do they choose words or do they act out physically?
  • Can your child follow two-step directions without constant reminders?
  • Does your child ask questions about the world around them?
  • Does your child play well with others?  Does he share?  Does she take turns?
  • Can your child hold scissors properly and cut on a designated line?
  • Does your child hold a pencil correctly?
  • Can your child draw a person?
  • Does your child write his first name independently?
  • Does your child run, jump and hop?
  • Can your child throw a ball?
  • Can your child attend to an activity for 15-20 minutes?
  • Can your child complete a simple pattern?
  • Can your child tell a story?  Does it have a clear beginning, middle and end?
  • Can your child count to ten?
  • Can your child write their name in order starting on the left side of the paper?
  • Does your child speak in complete sentences?
  • Can your child retell the general story line of a book?
  • Can your child correctly label at least five colors?
  • Can your child label at least four shapes?
  • Can your child recognize in isolation AT LEAST the letters in his/her name?
  • Can your child ask question and answer questions appropriately?
  • Can your child complete a simple rhyme: bat, rat, cat….?
  • Does your child speak in complete sentences?
  • Does your child recite a simple nursery rhyme or song?

Ask yourself these questions and be honest with yourself.  Answering “no” to a few of these questions may raise some red flags for your child’s school readiness.  If you are concerned about your child’s readiness, Little Scholars offers Kindergarten Readiness Testing to give you the confidence you need to help you make an informed decision about your child’s school readiness. To contact us, please call 804-447-4095 or visit us at

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