Summer Read Aloud Facts for ALL Ages


Summer vacation is in full swing at my house.  This morning as I was heading to work and the kids were headed to camp and the pool, I gave the “talk.”  You know the one about how each day this summer we are going to read for 30 minutes, do three journal entries a week and work on math facts.  (This is the same talk that goes in one ear and out the other as they are planning their daily adventures.)  Everyone got excited about a new twist to our summer reading logs!  At my house this summer along with silent reading, we are going to read aloud for three of the 30 minute sessions a week.  My oldest son is planning to read to our new pet, my daughter is going to read to one of her stuffed animals and my middle son wants to read to me (lucky me!).

Reading aloud to children is one of the most important things you can do to ensure their future success.  We all know the importance of reading to infants and toddlers, but organizations such as Read Aloud American preach the benefits of reading aloud to children young and old.   The benefits are so profound and since a majority of a child’s intelligence potential is formed before they are six year old kids, experts recommend reading aloud to your child as soon as he or she is born and continuing indefinitely.

Here are the reasons we have decided to read aloud to this summer…and maybe you should read aloud to your children too:

  1. Having children actively involved in the process of reading can immensely foster a lifelong love of reading.
  2. Studies show that parents who read to their children tend to become better readers and perform better in school.
  3. Reading aloud can increase language and speech development.
  4. Children build a larger vocabulary base.
  5. Reading aloud can teach children how to pronounce new words.
  6. Reading to older children helps them understand grammar and correct sentence structure.
  7. Children learn to become more expressive readers with more fluid speed and fluency.
  8. Families can use reading time to bond with one another.
  9. Being read to builds a child’s listening skills.
  10. Fostering a sense of curiosity, creativity and imagination are all developed while being read to.

I hope you will join my family as we read aloud this summer!

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