Sweet Summertime!


So, here we are again…summer!  How does it come so quickly every year?  I know by the time I blink my eyes it will be gone again.  Like many of you, I have been putting in place insurances so my children do not lose what they have learned over the past school year. I am having my children work on skills that need reinforcement and enriching the areas where they excel.

TJ has been struggling for a while with comprehension although his teachers have said this was not an issue.  My theory was confirmed during ERB testing this year.  He will begin next week working with a reading specialist from Little Scholars to remedy this problem.  It is always amazing to me what one hour of undivided adult attention can do for a child’s academic performance. 

WJ is a speed demon!  He just flies through a book (I think he reads about every 5th word).  Lucky for me I know some of the best educators and educational enrichment programs in Richmond.   Wade is going to be participating in the Little Scholars Boys Only summer reading group in August to work on fluency.  He thrives in a small group where he has peer role models and instruction can be tailored to him.

AP is going to be starting her last year of preschool in the fall.  She has already begun working with one of Little Scholars’ best teachers on number sense and pencil grip once a week.  AP loves school though and she is doing LOTS of Little Scholars preschool summer enrichment programs.  She will get to be one of the many children who are alumni of our cornerstone program, Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. 

It is not too late to get the ball rolling with your gang either. Little Scholars individualized approach to educating children will help you map out a plan that is specific to your child. To hear more about what we can do for you, call 804-241-6006, email me at sjefferson@littlescholarsllc.com, or visit us at www.littlescholarsllc.com.

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