The Benefits of Comics

25 Of The Most Hilarious "SpongeBob" Quotes
We can learn more than you think from comics like what is mayonnaise!
Did you know:
1. Comics are a great way to get your child excited to read!
Comics tend to be ‘more fun’ and easier to read than traditional books.
2. Comics can build confidence (just like Little Scholars!)
Comics are known for short and easy-to-read passages, with visual cues to provide for context. They are AMAZING for children with learning differences! Because of the shorter text nature of comics, children feel a sense of achievement when they complete a page.
3. Comics increase your child’s comprehension!
Observation, inferences, sequencing, and reasoning are all important components of good reading comprehension. Comics ask children to bring in their prior knowledge to determine what will happen next; help children become familiar with sequencing and understanding vocabulary.
4. Comics build your child’s vocabulary!
Comic books give children a unique opportunity to acquire new vocabulary in combination with context cues through pictures or text cues.
5. Comics transcend all subject areas!
Comic books can retell history, summarize books, the laws of science, and explain social rules.
Comic books aren’t just about superheroes, or just for boys why not take a dive in and see if this is for your child!

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