The Benefits of Tutoring


A parent recently told me he would have never made it through school without his tutor. He was not a poor student by any means; he actually graduated near the top of his class from a very prestigious school in Richmond, Virginia and went on to a top-notch college. When I asked him why his tutor was essential to his education, he said “she knew how I learned and was able to teach me to see things in a different way, different from how the teachers at school were teaching me.”

Every child learns in a different way. Some take a little more time to pick up the information being taught at school while others need a challenge. Whatever the reason, tutors are vital to the educational process because they go beyond the attention given to a student in a regular classroom setting. A good tutor provides a sense of competency to their students, encourages higher level thinking, re-teaches material as needed in a non-threatening environment, teaches to one’s learning style, is knowledgeable about the content material, provides empathy to the student, is an excellent resource to the parents, and coordinates with the child’s classroom teacher.

When looking for a person to work with your child you should look for the following characteristics:

• Enjoys working with children and can establish good rapport with the child.

• A person who is patient, kind, understanding and fair.

• Can teach alternative methods to solving a problem and making necessary accommodations.

• Has the ability to see what needs to be done to help the child and can initiate a plan of action.

• Enthusiasm!

• A good communicator who easily talks to the parent and classroom teacher.

• Reliability as a worker: Punctual, dependable, steady.

Our approach at Little Scholars has been especially successful because we are professionals who follow developmentally appropriate practices and are committed to knowing the children we teach by creating experiences that will peak their interest and reach how they learn most effectively.

Our teachers are different! They are the best of the best! Our teachers give your child a fresh and energetic mind because they have not been in a classroom setting all day or in a cubical with a variety of other children. Little Scholars teachers provide you with an unbiased approach and optimistic attitude. We do not put a band-aid on the problem by giving your child a program that is generic. Little Scholars believes each child is different. What works for one child may not work for another. We pull multiple approaches and curriculums together to best meet the needs of your child. We are constantly analyzing our approach to best meet your child’s needs.

Because children do not always work well with their parents, we also offer our help to children to get through homework assignments and turn that from a tedious daily chore into a fun learning experience.

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