Are you ready for school?


I am not sure about you, but I think back to school season is one of the most exciting times of the year.  I am pretty sure one of the requirements for becoming a teacher is you have to have a true love for shopping for school supplies.   The girls at the Little Scholars office were talking about how much fun we have back to school shopping with our children.  We make it a special date with each child and top it off with dinner or ice cream.  As hectic as August can be with all these dates for shopping for school supplies, here are a few things to cap off your summer in style:

10. Have ONE day of fun…no schedule and no errands!  Think “Good-Bye Summer…Hello 3rd Grade” celebration to mark this special event.

9. Take your kids with you for back to school supplies shopping allowing them to pick out a few of their own supplies to reflect their personality and interests.  Plus, who doesn’t like school supplies?!?!

8.  Let your child have a friend or two over from school that he/she does not see during the summer.  This will help to ease social anxiety which is so prevalent at the beginning of the school year.

7.  Turn off the TV and have your child doing some writing, crossword puzzles, flash cards, vocabulary games to kick-start their brain.

6.  Help your child get their homework spot cleared from all of the beads, baseballs, gum wrappers and golf balls that have taken over what used to be a desk.

5. Get back on schedule at least a week before school starts!!!  Parents sometime forget how important a consistent routine is for a child’s well-being.

4.  Don’t miss out on “Meet Your Teacher” day!  If you cannot attend, call your child’s teacher to reschedule.  There is nothing more terrifying for some children than walking into a classroom and not being able to find your desk or know where to hang your backpack.

3.  PLEASE do not hide anything from your child’s teacher in hopes they will figure it out for themselves.  Let your child’s teacher know about any specific behavior, learning or health issues. You don’t want a child to have a bad experience because there may be an underlying issue the
teacher was not aware of.

2.  READ…every day for at least 20 minutes!!!

1.  Set the alarm, clothes laid out and have the lunches ready because you don’t want them to miss a minute of the first day of your sanity returning…I mean school starting!!!

HAPPY 2015-2016 SCHOOL YEAR to all the Little Scholars!

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