Twas the First Day of School


Twas the morning of the first day of school, when all through the halls

not a creature was stirring not even the baseballs.

The chairs were snug by each desk with care,

in hopes that the school buses soon would be there.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,

while visions of homework danced in their heads;

And the teachers were smiling and laughing with thoughts of sweet faces on their way,

when the children had suddenly just arrived at school for the day .

When out near the flagpole there arose such a clatter,

the children ran from the bus to see what was the matter.

Away to door they flew like a flash,

tore open the door and threw up their hands with a gasp.

Moms and dads were high up above with a glittery glow

this gave a luster of shimmer to the sidewalk below.

When what to the¬†children’s¬†wondering ears should they hear,

but a cheer so loud with a laugh oh so dear.

With a little old wisdom so tried and so true,

the children knew in a moment it must be their parents in the view.

More happy than the children in summer, the parents all came down,

they whistled and shouted, and said this voice that could be heard around town:

Now Math Facts!

Now Chapter Books!

Now Recess and Lunch!

On, Library!

On, flashcards!

On, art and music!

To the classroom you go!

To the desk you will sit too!

Now go to school! Go to school! Go to school ’cause it is cool!


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