Why I Love Study Hall


It’s Winter in Virginia.  Some days it’s warm, and as we’ve seen this year, some days it snows a foot!  Who knows what tomorrow’s weather will bring, but one thing I knew today was my children are going to want play outside!!! If it was a Monday, I would be dreading the fact that I would literally have to drag my children in the house at 4pm to do homework. I can hear the “oh, mom, really?” or “okay, but just one more slant route” already.

But today was Tuesday and the boys had Study Hall! This means word study sentences were done and math sheets were complete, both checked and reviewed by the fantastic teachers at Extended Day.

I relish in the small things that make my life easier as a working mom of three children. Knowing my boys can get their homework done by the end of the day is a HUGE relief! Study Hall provides a quiet space in which my kids can focus on their daily assignments with a limited number of other children and distractions. The Study Hall teachers are knowledgeable about the curriculum and how the classroom teachers prefer the work to be completed for the next day. They have access to any materials if one of the boys forgets his math homework or spelling words. I still check their homework, though, but haven’t found a mistake a yet!

Maybe tomorrow, we will go to the park because the boys have Study Hall!

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