Middle School Enrichment Programs

Choose from the options below to find the Little Scholars Enrichment Program that’s right for your school. Or download the PDF catalog below:


Parents looking for information on Little Scholars enrichment programs in your school or Auxiliary Program Directors and PTA/PTO Program Coordinators interested in hosting our enrichment programs please email us at info@littlescholarsllc.com.

  • Community and Leadership Workshop

    Community and Leadership Workshop is a unique opportunity for students to learn how to develop their business skills while impacting the world around them. Our future leaders will learn about entrepreneurship, public speaking, civic involvement and community outreach opportunities with an engaging curriculum to channel their desire to have a positive impact on the world around them.

  • Creative Journaling

    ***New Class***

    What are you waiting for?! Join the craze of journaling, calligraphy and hand lettering. Perfect your own style of writing while creating a one of a kind journal and writing utensils. Our class will spark your creative writing juice and ignite your inner artist!

  • Newspaper Club

    Ladies and Gentlemen! Get it hot off the press! The first edition of the school newspaper needs your help. Students will enjoy this exciting class as they create authentic newspaper stories. As they are transformed into reporters and editors, the students will be to publish their own school newspaper.

    Customize the newspaper for your school!

  • Study Like A Scholar

    “Be sure to study for the test on Friday!” What does that REALLY mean? Students often need more guidance than they get in the classroom as they navigate the road of study skills. As your child becomes more independent, we will provide them with the strategies that are most compatible with their learning style to get them organized, taking good notes and studying effectively.