Teacher FAQs

If I teach at the school, can I also work part-time for Little Scholars?

We love to hire teachers from within a school and often we do! However, it is all dependent on the rules of your school or district.

How does the program work?

Teachers select the programs they would like to teach. Little Scholars provides the materials and curriculum. You’ll deliver engaging instruction on a variety of subjects, using the materials and curriculum provided by us, and supervise and ensure student safety and well-being. Most importantly, your role is to make sure you and the kids have fun! Afterwards, you’ll email the students’ families with a summary of the day’s highlights.

Do you have what it takes? 

Teachers do more than just teach. We want people who are passionate about working with children and playing a role in their personal and academic success.  

An ideal Little Scholars teacher or tutor:

  • Is deeply invested in kids’ social and emotional development 
  • Is upbeat and friendly 
  • Is an excellent communicator
  • Is reliable and prompt 
  • Shows exemplary work ethic
  • Has strong classroom management skills
  • Has at least two years experience working with children in a classroom setting
  • Has First Aid/CPR certifications (preferred)
  • For tutors, we would like to see specialization in specific areas or advanced degrees in your field of expertise

An ideal On-Site Coordinator:

  • Is well-organized and able to complete administrative tasks
  • Is upbeat and friendly 
  • Is an excellent communicator
  • Is reliable and prompt 
  • Shows exemplary work ethic
  • Loves to see people smile
  • Has First Aid/CPR certifications (preferred)

Why should I work for Little Scholars?

  • We make it easy! Little Scholars provides you with the curriculum, and we ship the supplies directly to you.
  • We make it fun! Little Scholars has planned activities to make learning fun for kids, and with so many different topics to teach, you may learn something too!
  • We provide professional growth! Little Scholars offers various optional trainings to enhance your skill set.
  • It is convenient! Many of our programs are held at the same school you might teach at during the daytime.
  • You are never alone! Little Scholars provides a dedicated support team to assist you. We will be your problem solvers!
  • We offer competitive compensation!
  • We value and celebrate YOU! We love our teachers. We value our teachers and show appreciation in a variety of ways throughout the year.