School FAQs

What does an After-School Enrichment program look like?

Our offerings can work within the framework of your existing after-school program, or we can help you create a model for your school. For schools that do not want to run registration, we provide online registration, management, and payment collection as part of our Total Program Management solution.

In addition, we create marketing materials and handle roster creation as well as offer fundraising options for your school.

How do Summer Camps work?

Little Scholars offers a wide variety of camp possibilities.  Our programs are perfect for preschool through elementary age students and can be offered in full or half-day sessions.  For more information, visit our Summer Camps page.

What is Total Program Management?

With Total Program Management, the school or district does very little work and we handle everything. We will:

  • Provide an On-Site Coordinator who will oversee the program
  • Work with reputable vendors to create a schedule of classes to be offered
  • Create materials to market the program
  • Manage the entire registration process
  • Create rosters for each class
  • Manage attendance
  • Communicate with parents
  • Manage vendor payments
  • Ensure students have fun, parents are happy, and the school has a stress-free experience

The school is responsible for giving us a space, setting the rules, and helping us market the program (emails, signage, etc).

How does Little Scholars differ from other enrichment programs?

Little Scholars customizes our programs to meet the specific needs of your school community. Our programs are designed to be an extension of the classroom and provide experience for the children they may not get in a traditional school day. 

What is Little Scholars’ commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion?

We are proud to offer programming to school systems and nonprofits around the country to bring After-School Enrichment to underserved children. Over 60% of our classes take place at schools receiving Title 1 or other federal funding.  We believe all students should have access to quality, educational, and fun enrichment programs.

What are your student/staff ratios?

We have a proven track record of adequate staffing to your requested scope and schedules. Our instructor/student ratios vary and we follow the state/school standards, which vary greatly, but as a rule of thumb:

  • Classes grades PreK thru Kindergarten: 1 Teacher per 12 students
  • Classes grade 1 thru 8: 1 Teacher per 20 students

How do you screen teachers and coordinators?

We conduct a screening process which includes reviewing resumes for qualifications (type of degree and experience working with children). If a candidate meets our requirements we meet via Zoom or in-person for an interview.

All Little Scholars teachers and On-Site Coordinators go through a nationwide background check and screened in accordance with state and local laws. We also hire school district teachers and teacher assistants, should they be interested and available in teaching for Little Scholars.