Parent FAQs

What tutoring programs do you offer?

We approach every child differently with our customized tutoring. Unlike the teacher down the street or “big box” tutoring centers, we match your child to a tutor who is experienced and knowledgeable about your child’s educational needs.

What does private tutoring cost? 

Due to the individualized nature of our tutoring, prices vary depending on subject area and age of the student. For example, a specialized calculus tutor for a high schooler may be more expensive than a reading tutor for a 2nd grader. Contact us directly for more information. 

What makes Little Scholars programs so effective?

We recognize that each child is different, so we create programs to meet their unique needs. Our programs are crafted and delivered by educational specialists and credentialed teachers (in our Enrichment programs) and tutors (in our Tutoring programs) who are eager to extend your child’s learning experience beyond the bell.