Elementary Summer Camp Catalog

Choose from the options on the left to find the Little Scholars Summer Camp that’s right for your child. Or download the PDF catalog below:

2017 Elementary Camp Catalog 

Parents looking for information on Little Scholars camps near you or Camp Directors interested in hosting our summer camps please email us at info@littlescholarsllc.com.

  • Amazing Adventures

    Attention All Amazing Kids! We are going to take you on an adventure. We will fill your days with paper airplanes, pirates, secret codes and many more amazing activities. Don’t miss out on our daily challenges! Not only will you have an amazing time, but you will sharpen your reasoning skills, increase processing speed, and broaden your creative mind.

    NOTE: uses marshmallows, mint Lifesavers, soft type cookies, fortune cookies and gumdrops

  • Art Factory

    New for 2017! Our D-I-Y camp is for all you artsy-craftsy kids who love to express yourselves with one of a kind masterpieces like canvas art, bead making and watercolors. Find your inner artist and keep your creativity sharp this summer as we design many treasured mementos.

    Note: There is a $25 per child supply fee for this class. 

  • Builders

    Calling all inventors, creators, builders and designers! Come build some awesome creations with us! We will create our own designs and make structures using Legos, recyclable materials and many other interesting items such as Lifesavers, paper bags and marshmallows. Skills necessary… none! Skills gained: communication, problem solving, reasoning, developing creativity, and team work.

    NOTE: uses gumdrops, mint Lifesavers and marshmallows

  • Cooking Around The World

    Visit Italy and make tiramisu, Sail to Mexico and make salsa, and then cruise to a new culinary destination like France to make crepes and where you will explore the tastes of the world. Pack your bags because this is an adventure that you do not want to miss! Our chefs will cook and craft the week away with a very special cookbook as a part of their travel souvenirs.

    Note: There is a $30 per child supply fee for this class. 

  • Design The Runway

    New for 2017! Design your very own fashion line with us! Budding designers will create a fashion portfolio, create a one of a kind piece with recyclable goods and end the week with a Runway Show to stop Fashion Week! We will participate in several design challenges too. Come Design your own runway with us!

    Note: There is a $30 per child supply fee for this class. 

  • Dinosaur Discovery

    Take an adventure back to the Jurassic Era where we will learn about dinosaurs who roamed the Earth millions of years ago. Uncover fascinating facts, build a dinosaur replica and have an archeological dig as you explore your paleontological skills. In Dinosaur Discovery, you will become a paleontologist faster than ornithomimids running from a T-Rex!

  • Green Thumb Club

    Catch a ladybug, chase a firefly and grow a garden…all while learning about nature and the world around us through stories, songs, art, exploration and imaginary play. The Green Thumb club will ignite your child’s passion for nature, recycling and learning about the earth through tactile activities and developmentally appropriate science investigations. It’s time to join the Green Thumb Club!

  • Number Crunchers

    Have you ever been in a mental math game? Do you like to roll the dice? Do you have the edge to tackle mathematical concepts? Join us as we explore math in an all new way! We will enrich your math skills through math fact games, problem solving competitions, logical reasoning and spatial math concept tournaments. Who knew math could be so much fun!

  • Science Exploratorium

    Come discover, experiment, and create as we learn about the colliding worlds of art and science in this STEAM-based camp. We will create biomes from around the world, star gaze at constellations, master meteorology, investigate how things work and dabble in chemistry and physics. Put on your lab coat and grab your art supplies because this STEAM camp will rock your world.

  • Super Sleuths

    WANTED…Detectives and Investigators! Get out your magnifying glasses and detective hats as we have clues to decipher and crimes to solve. We’ll put our critical thinking skills to the test and get to the bottom of mysteries by learning the tricks real investigators use to solve cases. While experimenting with simple detection techniques, your reasoning skills will grow and your problem solving skills will become better than CSI agents.

  • Ultimate Sports

    New for 2017! This is not your typical sports camp…this is ULTIMATE SPORTS. We will dive into games such as Ultimate Frisbee, Land Polo and Spike Ball. Experience new sports, learn a new trick, teach your friends a cool new game and have fun!

  • Whiz Kids

    Grab your goggles and lab coat…we are heading on a scientific discovery mission to explore the world of science through everyday objects, experiments and encounters. This camp will enhance the STEM education philosophies taught in your science class with the added excitement of scientific experiments.

  • Writer’s Lab

    New for 2017! Test your linguistic prowess and get your creative writing juices flowing in Writer’s Lab. We will entertain each other with comic designs, Magna Comic writing, and skit creations as well as language games to get even weary writers gunning to write more and more. Authors will build a portfolio of work as well as design a book.