CFun and Engaging Learning Experiences Built Around Your Child

We exist to enrich children’s lives, make learning fun, and see people smile.

We inspire confidence in everything we do.

  • Disguising learning as fun through new experiences while daring children to imagine endless possibilities
  • Providing quality teachers who are excited to teach children and ensure a productive and safe learning environment
  • Serving your school as if our own children attended
  • Empowering our staff to take ownership of their work

Commitment to Integrity

  • Valuing honesty, being true to our word, and always doing the right thing
  • Providing impeccable customer service and always holding ourselves accountable
  • Dedication to consistently delivering high-quality programs with top tier instruction and curriculum

Innovative Spirit

  • Encouraging mutual respect and transparency for all stakeholders
  • Actively listening to others
  • Cultivating an environment where everyone feels like they are making an impact

Valued Relationships

  • Encourage mutual respect and transparency for all stakeholders
  • Listening to others for understanding
  • Cultivating an environment where everyone feels like they are contributing to something greater than themselves

Passion for learning and education

  • Nurturing insatiable desire to teach, learn and strive to develop our fullest potential as educators
  • Learning from our students and creating programming around trends
  • Being active contributors to educational communities


We customize each child’s tutoring plan around their specific needs with a teacher that is hand-selected to build your child’s confidence.

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Summer Camps

Our camps are perfect for preschoolers through middle school children who have big imaginations and love to play. Get all the fun of summer camp with an educational twist in full or half-day sessions.

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Enrichment Programs

Similarly, our enrichment programs accommodate a wide range of learning styles because we adapt our lesson plans to reflect classroom dynamics and the children’s interests.

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In-School Field Trips

Little Scholars’ In-School Field Trips are a great way to supplement your school’s curriculum by providing small group instruction and an engaging sensory learning experience. The children will receive individualized attention from Little Scholars teachers.

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