Kindergarten Readiness


Many parents ask this question to us every year, “Is my child ready for Kindergarten?”  The real question should be, “Is my child ready for school?” Kindergarten is the first BIG step for many children into formal education. Kindergarten is chocked-full of many social expectations, but add to that reading, math, handwriting and content area subjects.  Parents want to make sure their child has a solid foundation to build all these new skills.  It is important to consider some of these … Continue reading

Why Your Child NEEDS a Tutor


A parent recently told me he would have never made it through school without his tutor. He was not a poor student by any means; he actually graduated near the top of his class from a very prestigious private school in Richmond, Virginia and went on to a top-notch college. When I asked him why his tutor was essential to his education, he said “she knew how I learned and was able to teach me to see things in a different … Continue reading

What to do with a Bad Grade?


Your third-grader brings home a reading test for you to sign, and your heart sinks when you see the red F at the top of the paper (did the teacher really need to use red?), and “how did you study for this test?” underlined with big, bold letters. Your child is crushed as he shows you the paper. Your first thought is to reassure him, but you are asking yourself a million questions….What’s going on here?  Is the work really too … Continue reading

Homework Hints!


Well, here we go again…homework!  It was a struggle when I was a child and it is a struggle with my own children.  The purpose of homework is to reinforce what was taught in class. Teachers assign different kinds of homework from fill-in the blank worksheets to long term projects. Believe it or not, there are some benefits to homework!  The more elaborate projects can provide a rich link to the subject matter and engage children in topics more in depth … Continue reading



Believe it or not, summer is here!  This is the time of year we all look forward to some unstructured, downtime with thoughts of school a million miles away.  As you think about the plans to take a break, studies show that this is not a good idea to give up on learning altogether. Here are the staggering facts about summer learning loss: Students can lose up to 15% of their academic ability over the summer if they don’t read, … Continue reading

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