Elementary Enrichment Program Catalog

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2022-2023 K-2 After School Enrichment Catalog  

2022-23 3rd-5th Grade After School Enrichment Catalog

Parents looking for information on Little Scholars enrichment programs in your school or Auxiliary Program Directors and PTA/PTO Program Coordinators interested in hosting our enrichment programs please email us at info@littlescholarsllc.com.

  • ART-chitects

    In this class, kids will learn the basics of architecture including drawing, designing, and creating structures and buildings.  Design the home of your dreams, discover the inspiration for famous buildings and bridges, or plan a new roller coaster for your favorite theme park.  Unleash your inner art-chitect with us!

    *new class*

    *supply fee*

  • Backyard Games

    ***New Class***

    Get outside and PLAY! Kickball, Dodgeball, Capture The Flag, SPUD, and many more thrilling outside adventures are coming to your school. Come out and have some good ol’ backyard fun while building teamwork skills, gross motor skills and critical thinking skills.

  • Builders

    Calling all inventors, creators, builders, and designers! Come build awesome creations with us! We will create our own designs and build structures using recyclable materials, Legos, and many other interesting items. No skills necessary! Skills gained: communication, problem solving, reasoning, developing creativity, and team work.


  • Dinosaur Discovery

    Take an adventure back to the Jurassic Era where we will learn about dinosaurs who roamed the Earth millions of years ago. Uncover fascinating facts, build a dinosaur replica, and have an archaeological dig as you explore your paleontological skills. In Dinosaur Discovery, you will become a paleontologist faster than Ornithomimids ran from a T-Rex!

    *supply fee*

  • E-STEAM: Women in Science

    The moon landing, Bluetooth, new varieties of dinosaurs…did you know women scientists played critical roles in these discoveries?  Dabble in a bit of science, math, and engineering all while learning about fascinating women who have made important contributions to the world of science.

    *new class*

  • Enchanted Engineering

    Once upon a time our favorite storybook characters found themselves in sticky situations and we can help! Through STEAM and Engineering principals, we will build a house to save the three little pigs, design pulleys and levers to help Rapunzel and much more! In this hands on class, children will discover how they can save the world and create their very own enchanted ending.


  • Extreme Animals

    What is the most dangerous animal on earth?  What is the weirdest animal adaptation?  What creature is resistant to venom?  We’ll find out all of this and more as we learn about the world’s most extreme animals.  Students will build their science and language skills as they debate and conduct experiments regarding these crazy creatures!

    *new class*

  • Infinity and Beyond

    5, 4, 3, 2, 1 blast off to a galaxy far, far away to learn about Earth and the amazing solar system.  Discover all things galactic such as comets, planets, shooting stars, rockets, and more.  Learn about flight, the adventures of space travel, and participate in a rocket launch!

  • Journey Through the Rainforest

    Did you know 6% of the earth is covered by rainforest?  Slither with us through this diverse ecosystem as we explore the animals, creatures, and unique environment of the rainforest!  Conduct experiments and create crafts focused on life in and below the canopy.

    *new class*

  • Little Yogis

    Foster your strength and self-expression through yoga poses, visual meditations, and breathing techniques. Through theme based sessions with interactive games, our yogis will explore how to relate yoga practices to everyday life, allowing them to take their yoga practice off the mat, into their daily lives, their school classrooms, and their social interactions. Namaste!

  • Mindful Fitness

    Need a little mindful exercise in your life?  Join us for a class full of fitness, fun and mindfulness!  We will play games, have spirited team challenges and participate in activities to create a mindful state.


  • Nature Makers

    Ignite your passion for nature and wildlife as you learn about this magnificent planet that we call home!  Build, discover, and explore with science experiments and hands-on creative art activities all in the name of nature!

    *new class*

  • Newspaper Club

    Ladies and Gentlemen! Get it hot off the press! The first edition of the school newspaper needs your help. Students will enjoy this exciting class as they create authentic newspaper stories. As they are transformed into reporters and editors, the students will publish their own school newspaper.

    Customize the newspaper name for your school!

*Works best for 2nd graders in the Spring

  • Out of this World

    5, 4, 3, 2, 1 blast off to a galaxy far, far away to learn about Earth and the amazing solar system.  Discover all things galactic such as comets, planets, shooting stars, rockets, and more.  Learn about flight, the adventures of space travel, and participate in a rocket launch!

  • Pay It Forward

    Pay It Forward is a unique opportunity for students to learn how to impact the world around them.  Our leaders will learn about public speaking, civic involvement, and community outreach opportunities with an engaging curriculum to channel their desire to have a positive impact on the world around them.

    *new class*

  • Science Palooza

    Come discover, experiment, and create as we learn about the colliding worlds of art and science in this STEAM-based class. We will create simple machines, learn about crystals and minerals, and dabble in the world of robots. Put on your lab coat and grab your art supplies because this STEAM class will rock your world.

    *supply fee*

  • Tastes Around the World


    Explore the tastes of the world by visiting Italy to make tiramisu, sailing to Mexico to create salsa, and cruising to France to bake crepes.  Pack your bags because this is an adventure that you do not want to miss! Our chefs will mix, chop and craft the classes away!

    *supply fee* *class uses food*

  • That’s Gross!

    Get your hands dirty and hold your nose!  This hands-on class will combine anatomy, physiology, and chemistry to help better understand the way your body works.  Make fake blood, discover how sugar causes cavities, and find out why we burp.  You’ll have your grown-ups saying- YUCK!

    *new class*

  • Upcycled Art

    Up Cycle ‘trash’ and recyclable materials into creative creations such as murals, decorative containers, and wearable art.  Let your creativity run wild, dream big, and help the environment along the way as you stretch your artsy side.

    *new class*

  • Whiz Kids

    ***Best Seller***

    Join us on a science discovery mission! We will explore the world of chemistry, engineering, and earth science through experiments and encounters. This program will enhance STEM education philosophies with a big punch of fun. Join us for this exciting journey into the world of science!

    *supply fee* *class uses food*

  • World of Wizards

    Calling all wizard fans! This is like no other class you have ever experienced. We will take a magical journey into the world of wizards. We will design trading cards, make a personal crest, create a treasure hunt, have a Triwizard tournament, and participate in activities that will astound all Muggles.

    *supply fee*