Frequently Asked Questions

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Parent FAQs:

What kind of tutoring programs does Little Scholars offer?

Little Scholars approaches every child differently with our customized tutoring program. When you call Little Scholars to inquire about our tutoring sessions you will learn what sets us apart from the teacher down the street or the “big box” tutoring centers. We work to collect all the information possible to make sure we find the best match for your child by placing them with a teacher who is experienced and knowledgeable and ready to meet the needs of your child. To learn more about our customized approach to tutoring, click here.

What makes Little Scholars tutoring programs so effective?

Simply put: WE BUILD CONFIDENCE! Little Scholars recognizes that each child is different and we create a program to meet your child’s unique needs—whether that’s through skills reinforcement or opportunities for enrichment—we’re here to develop a program that works for your child.  To learn more about the strategies we use during our personalized tutoring sessions, click here.

Nice job, Little Scholars!  You nailed it!  Our daughter loved it and is a big fan of her teacher!

Mom of 2nd grader

How do I know if my child needs a tutor?

Read our blog post on the topic!

How do I find out what enrichment programs and/or summer camps are offered in my area?

Little Scholars offers a wide variety of enrichment programs and summer camps.  Visit our enrichment programs and summer camps pages or simply contact us to learn more about our programs and how to bring them to your school.

Program Director FAQs:

What does it look like to host a Little Scholars after school enrichment class at our school?

We make it simple to host our superior programs in your school community.  Our programs can work within the framework of your existing after school program or we can help you create a program for your school.  For schools that do not want to run registration, Little Scholars offers online registration, registration management, and payment collection. We can create flyers, marketing materials, and handle roster creation as well as offer fundraising options for your school.  Our classes are crafted and delivered by educational specialists and credentialed teachers who are eager to extend your child’s learning experience beyond the bell.  To learn more about hosting Little Scholars enrichment programs at your school, please contact us.

What does it look like to host a Little Scholars Summer Camp at our school?

Little Scholars offers a wide variety of summer camp possibilities.  Our programs are perfect for preschool through elementary age students and can be offered in full or half-day sessions.  If you are interested in learning more about our summer camp programs and how to host them at your school, please contact us.

Sometimes our school offers “One Day Workshops or an All Day Camp Session.” Is this something Little Scholars can offer our school?

Yes!  All of our after school enrichment classes and summer camps can be turned into One Day Workshops. We are happy to create a plan that works with your schedule and fits with your existing program.  Simply contact us to learn more about One Day Workshops.

Little Scholars offers a wide variety of after school enrichment classes and summer camps. Can you list a few of the best sellers? 

Our after school enrichment classes and summer camps range from educationally enriching to engagingly active.  But, they all have one thing in common—KIDS LOVE THEM!  To date, some of our best-selling classes are Builders, Amazing Adventures, Mystery Madness, and Comic Creations for elementary-age children.  Preschool best sellers include Creative Builders, World Travelers, and Whiz Kids.  By visiting our Enrichment Programs page, you can filter classes to find the ones that will fit best in your school community.

I am interested in hosting Little Scholars’ programs at our school. What is the next step?

Please contact us to learn about how easy it is to offer Little Scholars programs at your school.