Ice Breaker Activities

TWO TRUTHS AND A TALE: Each person must make three statements about themselves, one of which isn’t true.

MIX AND MINGLE: The children stand in the middle of an area. The teacher stands in front of the class facing the group. The teacher calls out a choice to the group and points to opposite sides of the room for each option (i.e. inside vs outside; when the teacher says inside they would point to the left side of the room, when they say outside they would point to the right side of the room). The children walk to the side of the room which they prefer (i.e. if they like outside more than inside then they would go to the right).

Nature vs. City                                                                              Flip-flops vs. sneakers
Casual vs. Dress-up                                                                       Inside vs. Outside
Snickers vs. Reeses                                                                       Burger King vs. McDonald’s
Performing vs. Watching                                                            Apples vs. Bananas
Superman vs. Batman                                                                  Reading vs. Writing
Coke vs. Pepsi                                                                                Chocolate Milk vs. White Milk
Werewolves vs. Vampires                                                           Swimming vs. Hiking
Dancing vs. Singing                                                                      Books vs. Movies

Laughing vs. Crying                                                                      Odds vs. Evens                 

Xbox vs. Playstation                                                                     Halloween vs. Thanksgiving

NAME BINGO: see additional document. The students walk around the room and find friends that can sign off on each category.

SPOT THE DIFFERENCE: Divide the group into two teams. Stand the first group in a line facing the second group. The second group will have a set amount of time to look at the appearance of the other team.  Once their time is up, the second team (observers) will leave the room and the first group must change ten things about them. The ten things must be noticeable (i.e. they cannot change things in their pockets or other things previously out of view). When the second group returns, they must observe the first group and name the ten things have changed.

NAME TOSS: You will need a ball or a crumpled up piece of paper for this activity.  Everyone should stand in a circle facing each other. One person will start with holding the ball. The person holding the ball will say a name of someone in the group and toss the ball to that person. That person must catch the ball without dropping it. He/she will then say the name of another member in the group and toss it to that person. The play will continue with each person receiving and tossing the ball once. If the ball is dropped at any time, the play will start once again from the beginning until each person has a turn and the ball isn’t dropped.

WOULD YOU RATHER?: see additional document.

BOOM CHICKA BOOM: The teacher starts as the leader. When the leader changes style, the kids must follow. The teacher will begin the pattern, as follows:

Teacher – “I say BOOM!”

Kids – “I say boom!”

Teacher – “I say boom – chicka!”

Kids – “I say boom-chicka!”

Teacher – “I say boom-chicka-boom!”

Kids – “I say boom-chicka-boom!”

Teacher – “I say boom-chicka-rocka-chicka-rocka-chicka-boom!”

Kids – “I say boom-chicka-rocka-chicka-rocka-chicka-boom!”

Teacher – “Oh yeah!”

Kids– “Oh yeah!”

Teacher – “One more time!”

Kids – “One more time!”

Teacher – “In _____ (opera, sign language, whisper, fast, slow, etc.), teacher starts the recitation over in the chosen manner or sound.