Parent Resources

Confidence Checklist

Children often feel inferior to their classmates and sometimes helpless when it comes to learning a subject that has not been easy in the past for them. As a result, they become easily frustrated and may give up on the assignment. Children can learn they can tackle the skill and leave behind the I can’t label. We as adults need to help break down that label and help them find their CONFIDENCE again.

  1. Set them up to succeed. Take a step or two back. They can’t subtract double digits, but they can subtract single digits. Start with the single digits where they can be successful. Build a more stable foundation and add to it a little bit at a time.
  2. Help them lose the label. I can’t subtract. When they realize a new technique that better suits their learning style, and they CAN subtract! Celebrate by having them write a milestone card and post it on their bulletin board. I CAN SUBTRACT!
  3. Give them responsibility. Every child feels success and confidence when they complete a task. After a child has completed their assignment, allow them an opportunity to check it. Self checking is an excellent tool for children; they can correct their own mistakes without someone else doing it for them.
  4. Encourage them to express their feelings. Let them know it is okay to get frustrated or celebrate a victory. Allow them to take ownership of their emotions.
  5. Be positive! Cheer on their small steps.