Style Guide


To turn a link into a button:

[button link=""] Click here [/button]

Click here

PDF Buttons

To link to a PDF with a fancy button:

[button-pdf link="#"] View our Camp Catalog! [/button-pdf]

View our Camp Catalog!  


To add a video to a page, just copy and paste the URL for the video right into your content and it will automatically embed the video when you view the page.


Show 5 testimonials from the camp category:

[testimonial category="camps" show="5"]

Show ALL testimonials from the programs category:

[testimonial category="programs" show="-1"]

Show all testimonials from the general category EXCEPT for video testimonials:

[testimonial category="general" show="-1" not="video-testimonial"]

Note: When you add testimonials in WordPress, be sure to check at least two categories – one for the author type (parent, teacher, director) and one or more for the topic (general, programs, camps…). If you have a video testimonial, be sure to also select the “Video Testimonial” category.


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