On-Site Coordinators

We Build the Future, One Little Scholar at a Time

Are you a natural-born leader? This is the role for you! Our On-Site Coordinators are responsible for coordinating multiple After-School Enrichment classes or Summer Camps at a given school.  

 Primary Responsibilities: 

  • Provide leadership and support to teachers, school staff, vendors, and families
  • Manage teachers and vendors, including monitoring teacher arrivals, assisting with classroom management, and serving as a sub if needed
  • Address behavioral issues and contact parents accordingly
  • Oversee the student arrival and dismissal¬†
  • Ensure student safety and well-being
  • Make sure the school, students, teachers, vendors, and families have a positive experience and leave the program feeling happy¬†

An ideal coordinator should: 

  • Love to work with others, be energetic, upbeat, and personable
  • Have excellent communication and organizational skills and possess a strong work ethic
  • Be dependable with the ability to be flexible 
  • Experience managing or supervising 

Compensation varies depending on location in the US.