• Get to Know Your Students at the start of the first class (learn their names, what they look like, and something special about them)!
  • Teach students how to use the reaction buttons at the beginning of the first class.
  • Mute students while you or another student is talking.
  • Call on the students by name (connections are made when you use a person’s name).
  • When using a whiteboard for drawing or writing…offer tips and ideas for the children to extend their ideas!
  • Give specific compliments on a child’s work by using words of affirmation such as good job, thanks for sharing, love that idea!
  • Ask engaging questions while the kids are working on their projects so there is not idle time….JOT THESE QUESTIONS DOWN BEFORE CLASS on a sheet of paper and put next to you!!!  For example, what happens if you make a small tower and a tall tower?  What other ways can you make a chemical reaction? 
  • Turn off the chat feature!
  • Check your waiting room after class starts to allow enrolled missing students the chance join class.
  • When sharing your screen, engage with the children so it is a seamless transition. 
  • Use body language and facial expressions…smile a lot!
  • Props are fun KEY; if you are doing a lesson on wizards wear a wizard hat.
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