Total Program Management

Total Program Management is a comprehensive solution where Little Scholars assumes management of your after-school enrichment and/or summer camp program, eliminating the need for an in-house PTA volunteer, employee, or summer camp director to coordinate the program.

PTAs and PTOs are often challenged to offer a robust After-School Enrichment program because the volunteer responsibilities associated with running a successful program often feel like a full time job. Basic responsibilities like planning, marketing, and accounts payable can fall to the wayside. Little Scholars can help.

Independent schools, preschools, and universities can reallocate budgeted funds when Little Scholars acts as your Auxiliary Programs Director and/or your Director of Summer Camps.

Little Scholars will manage responsibilities associated with running the After-School Enrichment and/or Summer Camp program including vendor selection, registration, roster creation, attendance reconciliation, and student dismissal. We provide an On-Site Coordinator who will supervise the program daily at no cost to your school.

Little Scholars will:

  • Provide an On – Site Coordinator who will oversee the program daily at no cost to your school
  • Vet, select, and manage reputable vendors to create a schedule of classes or camps to be offered
  • Create a registration page and provide your school a link for parents
  • Manage student registration
  • Create rosters for each class
  • Manage weekly attendance
  • Communicate with parents
  • Manage vendor payments

Little Scholars’ On-Site Coordinator will:

  • Serve as the on-site presence once occupied by a PTA volunteer, Camp Director, or school/university employee
  • Print copies of rosters for every class and provide copies to each class teacher or school representative
  • Reconcile rosters using absentee & early dismissal lists and provide this information to the appropriate teachers
  • Assure a timely start to the program
  • Check in with teachers to ensure needs are met
  • Report any daily issues or concerns back to Little Scholars so that quick solutions can be enacted
  • Supervise an orderly and safe dismissal
  • Ensure classrooms are returned to their original condition

Role of your school:

  • Market programs to students and their families:
    • Send out email blasts promoting the programs and providing a link to register
    • Send home flyers or stickers with students as a reminder to register
  • Advertise programs via the school’s social media accounts
  • Determine scholarship offerings if applicable
  • Provide Little Scholars space at your school to run a successful program
  • Provide Little Scholars with a list of rules and procedures you wish followed

For more information, please contact us.