Tutoring 101

Here are some signs your child may need tutoring assistance outside of the classroom:

Preschool (four and half years old to Kindergarten)

  • has difficulty grasping a small writing instrument to make controlled movements
  • can’t recognize the letters in their name
  • does not speak in complete sentences
  • has another diagnosed developmental delay
  • demonstrating problems with number concepts

Grades K-5

  • difficulty forming letters when writing in print or cursive
  • consistently avoids reading activities or complains that reading is too difficult
  • has difficulty decoding words
  • does not understand what he is reading
  • is getting resource help during the school day
  • lack of confidence and/or does not attempt new skills
  • discrepancy between test scores and daily classroom performance
  • struggles with writing assignments
  • unable to grasp math concepts
  • tutoring has been recommended by your child’s teacher
  • needs to be challenged

Now you’ve decided your child may need a tutor, but what should you look for to find the best fit?

What to look for in a good tutor?

  • kind and caring person
  • dependable
  • communicates effectively and easily with child, parents and teachers
  • qualified educator
  • enjoys working with children
  • has a love of learning
  • understands learning styles